EXERCISE is basic to life—everything in our bodies is moving and living.  Our blood circulates about two times a minute, our heart is beating, our lungs are breathing.  Digestion, glandular activity, the function of our organs, mental activity—all involves movement of structure, solids, fluids and electricity.  Even on the cellular level, our bodies are busy converting nutrients and oxygen into energy and structure.  Living is an active affair!

In order to keep our bodies in top condition, we need to exercise them on a regular basis.  We need aerobic exercise, the kind that raises our heart rate.  This contributes to our heart and blood vessel health, keeps our lungs strong, aids digestion and keeps all the internal organs working smoothly—not to mention keeping the muscles toned.  We need to keep the wastes cleared out as our cells are doing the work of keeping us alive, and the good circulation of the blood is essential for this.  The lymph system, which is constantly filtering fluids that are draining through our tissues collecting wastes to carry out of the body, is especially benefited by exercise.  It’s the muscles working that move the lymph, and the big muscles in the legs really help the blood circulation.

About twenty minutes a day is ideal, but try to get moving at least three times a week.  Brisk walking is one of the best exercises; but any type that raises the heart rate and keeps it elevated for fifteen or twenty minutes at a time is good.  When we exercise outside, we also receive the benefit of the fresh air (if we’re out of the city) and sunshine, even on a cloudy day.

One of the other things that exercise does for us is makes us feel good.  Exercise stimulates the brain to produce endorphins, natural chemical agents that heighten our sense of pleasure, or well being.  

Another benefit of exercise is that it helps keep our bones strong, especially if it is weight bearing exercise—so ward off osteoporosis and carry something upstairs every day!  Do some gardening, trim the hedge—look for ways to use your body instead of machines! Some find exercising habit forming, and it is a good habit to get into.

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