FRESH AIR is vital for life.  By ‘fresh’, we’re referring to clean, oxygen-filled air with the proper electrical charge.  This air is produced by the plants and trees that grow on our earth. 

Have you ever noticed how good you feel when in a forest, perhaps beside a waterfall, stream or river?  Of course the oxygen in the air produced by the living plants is needed to keep us alive; but often we don’t think of the electrical charge of the ions in the air:  When the air is fresh it has a negative ionic charge, which makes it easier for the oxygen molecules to attach to our red blood cells, which in turn carries it to our cells.  When the air becomes positively charged, we feel dull headed and irritable.  In places where dry winds blow there are a number of physical manifestations that are noted due to this phenomenon and depression levels are higher.  In general when air becomes overheated (above about 18 degrees Celsius, 65 degrees Fahrenheit) the ionic charge begins to change from negative to positive.  We’re better off to keep the temperature in our homes and work places a little cooler and dress warmer if we feel chilled.  Especially keeping the feet warm will go a long way to taking the chill away. 

Making sure we have good ventilation in our homes and work places is also of vital importance.  We don’t see it, but with every breath out we are dumping large amounts of wastes from our bodies into the air.  If there are a number of people in a closed space the air quickly becomes depleted of oxygen and filled with harmful wastes and poisonous gases.  Keeping fresh air in the sleeping rooms is also important for waking feeling fresh and rested.  The night air doesn’t cause sickness, it’s the oxygen depleted, waste filled, overheated air that does. Another benefit of good ventilation is preventing the buildup of radon gas in the home.  Radon is an odourless, tasteless, gas that seeps out of the ground in many parts of Ireland, and other parts of the world as well.  It is produced by the natural breakdown of uranium and is radioactive.  It is one of the leading causes of lung cancer in non-smokers.  Having proper ventilation doesn’t mean freezing, it just takes a little intelligent and thoughtful planning.  In public, or commercial, buildings the percentage of fresh air being infused into the ventilation system along with the filtration and sanitation of the air is an important engineering feature to be addressed.

Encouraging the ‘greening’ of the public realm, creative landscaping, and decreasing our use of cars, will also make a difference in our air quality.  Any time we can walk or cycle in the fresh air we are getting good air into our bodies, keeping our blood healthy, and generally contributing to our overall health and well being.

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