The beginning of health is sleep.--Irish Proverb

REST is another vital aspect of maintaining health and a sense of well being.  This is one of the most assaulted aspects of our lives these days.  With jobs, family, media and all the other components of our frantic world, often resting and sleeping get pushed out of the picture.

 The reality of the matter is the average person needs about eight hours of sleep per night to keep healthy and have the longest, most productive life. Our nervous system especially suffers when we don’t get enough sleep, and it doesn’t help our immune system either.  Many things take place in our bodies while we sleep, and pushing ourselves for fun or work diminishes our long term effectiveness and enjoyment. When we cut our sleep, we find our sense of well being diminishing:  We don’t enjoy life, our relationships become strained, and our immune system cannot keep us as safe from the constant invasion from this hostile world of germs we live in.

 Our Western World is especially addicted to caffeine and adrenalin.  We artificially stimulate ourselves, and we keep our internal stress hormones flowing as well.  Both of these take a toll on the long haul, and neither is a substitute for adequate rest. Drug induced stimulation only creates an illusion of energy; and we act the way we feel. Sleep deprivation is a big problem in our world today

 Along with our daily rest, we were created for a weekly rest as well.  Our kind Creator built one day each week into the schedule to unplug and rest.  The seventh day of the week, or the Sabbath as it is called, was created for us; for our rest, enjoyment of relationships, and this wonderful world we have for a home. In a good portion of the languages of the world, the seventh day is named from a word that means ‘rest’.

Taking time out of our lives for recreational holidays is also important for our ongoing health, both mental and physical.  The word ‘recreation’, should mean just that, ‘re-creation’.  If our holidays are filled with artificial excitement, impossible schedules, and destructive activities; they really don’t fit into the mould and are hurting our overall health instead of helping it. 


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