SUNLIGHT is one of the basic components for life on planet earth.  While too much of it can be harmful, we need some each day to keep in the best health.  About 15 minutes in the middle of the day (even if it is cloudy), when the sun is at it’s height, is a minimum. 

 One of the essential nutrients that our bodies needs for health is vitamin D, called the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’.   When the sun hits our skin, it produces an effect on our body that turns the cholesterol in our blood into this vital nutrient!  Being in the sun also lowers our blood pressure, and helps fight depression.  It also helps with important neurotransmitter levels that affect our ability to sleep soundly at night.

 We find that in places where the winter hours of darkness are long, full spectrum lighting being installed in the sitting room or kitchen can make a big difference.  The lights we generally use indoors emit only a small range of the spectrum, and this makes a difference on how the light affects us, as well as how we feel about life!  Ever notice how you feel after being under florescent lights for a time?  And how good it feels to get back out in the sun light again?  With the full spectrum lights you want to make sure they are true ‘full spectrum’.  They should be; a correlated colour temperature of at least 5000 Kelvin or higher; a colour rendering index of 90 or higher; a spectral power distribution that includes all parts of the visible spectrum (380 - 780 nm); and, they should not emit the harmful ultraviolet wavelengths that we wear sun block to protect ourselves from.

Some find that bright, therapeutic, light boxes make a big difference in treating depression and ‘SAD’, Seasonal Affective Disorder.

 While too much all at once is certainly not the best, some sun each day keeps the roses in our cheeks and is best for our over all health.  Also, sun kills germs, so airing bed clothes and throw rugs on a sunny day helps the internal environment in more ways than one!


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