TEMPERANCE, or the proper use of healthful things and the avoidance of harmful things, is vital for health and well being.  All of us can relate to the misery, disease, and ruined lives that result from the neglect of this principle.

Choices greatly impact every aspect of our lives, our health being one of most important.  All of us struggle with balance, and striving to achieve this provides great rewards in the quality of our lives, as well as physical and mental well being.

 There is a concept called ‘Homeostasis’, which simply means our bodies seek balance.  All the systems of our bodies are constantly seeking to achieve this balance, and without it we cannot live.  If our temperature rises too high, we will die.  If it gets too low, we die.  If our blood sugar, hormonal secretions, respiration, blood chemistry, heart rate, or any other system gets out of control, we are in trouble.  The more we cooperate with our bodies to maintain this balance, the better health we have and the better we feel mentally.

Along with this, our bodies function within rhythmic daily cycles, called ‘Circadian Cycles’.  Most notably is the sleep/wake cycle, but there are others that are functioning within us day by day.  There are also weekly and monthly rhythms that we function within (notably for women is the monthly menstrual cycle).  Fighting these cycles stresses the system, diminishes our overall health, and shortens our lives.  Learning how to get along with ourselves is one of the most important studies we can engage in.

While these short statements about the eight natural doctors are dealing with the correct use of those things that bring health and happiness; avoidance of some things is of equal importance.  Alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs (and even the misuse of medical drugs) are all things to stay away from.  While we may tell ourselves that ‘moderation in all things’ can protect us while using destructive things, the raw truth is that anything we indulge in that diminishes, or is destructive, to our mental or physical capabilities is robbing us of something better, and diminishing our well being and general state of health.


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