FRESH WATER, pure and clean; inside and out, is vital for health.  We are made up of about 70% water!  All the processes that make life happen take place in a medium that requires water to function.  Our blood needs to be the river of life, and without proper hydration it can become more like a swamp!

Just think what would happen in your city or town if everyone threw all their waste, trash, and refuse into the street and it just stayed there.  How long could life go on smoothly?

Our bodies need adequate water to keep the wastes flushed out day by day, and it is important for our digestion and the function of all our organs. We need to keep our skin washed off as well.  Wastes are coming out of our pours, and if not washed off they will reabsorb, putting further burden on our body.

Often we feel tired when we are in reality dehydrated, as our brains cannot function as they want to. Many times headaches are a symptom of dehydration as well.  Like a car battery, when the water is low, we loose power and become sluggish.  When a machine is all sludged up, it just has to work harder to do the same job!

 We need 6 to 8 glasses a day, depending on the size of the glass, weather, activity level, etc.  Once in the day the urine should run clear.  While most of us have trouble drinking enough water, it is possible to drink too much, which has adverse affects—so don’t get obsessive about it!  Usually if you drink about 1/3 more than your thirst asks for you’re about right, we usually stop short of enough when we depend just on our feelings of thirst.

Coffee, tea, juices, and carbonated or alcoholic beverages are not a substitute for water.  While they have water in them, and some may have food value, they have different chemical properties that affect the body in different ways; some being harmful as with the high sugar content of some drinks.  Also, often being properly hydrated will take away the mental dullness that many drink caffeinated beverages to try to combat.  While the caffeine works on the nervous system, and creates an illusion of being alert, it doesn’t help the brain and tissues to clear out the wastes and get on with the needed chemical activity that makes everything run smoothly!


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