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tob SoYou Want Sex?

Most normal people do—you see we were created that way. Our sexuality is one of the greatest gifts given by our Designer and Creator. The question is, how do we use it?

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Choosing Freedom:
Managing Your Life Without Tobacco

Are you still bound by a vestige of the old English empire?

Does smoking really bring pleasure or is it just an illusion? >>
diet If You Are What You Eat, What Are You?

Most of us think little of what we eat. We enjoy what our taste buds have been trained to eat and what we ate as children. Our amazing body will do the best it can with what we give it, but if it is getting the wrong stuff, we could be in serious trouble.

Learn how to eat right and get the most out of your body >>
alc Alcohol: What's Behind the Mask?

Called 'spirit' for the sense of wholeness that it temporarily imparts to the user, alcohol is mankind's most ancient social drug. But what really happens when alcohol is in the blood?

Look behind the scenes>>
cw The Celtic Way
by E. G. White

During the fifth and sixth centuries the Irish Celtic Church exerted an influence on our world that lasts to this day. Education as we know it, the Bible, the moral principles that form the foundation for our free societies, and the modern understanding of social justice – all come to us from the visionary and faithful Christians of the Celtic Church. There have been few times in history when a message, vision, and purpose have accomplished such superhuman results. This little book contains the essence of the vision shared by the early Irish Celtic Church that changed the world.

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One of the most amazing stories...

 Find out about life in 'Paradise'>>

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